VW Camper Van Himalayan Salt lamp

VW Camper Van Himalayan Salt lamp

Salt Whisperer Arun Salt Man Lotay proudly presents the iconic VW camper van made in ceramic with the magic of a Himalayan Salt lamp.

Driving a Type 2 meant being a rebel, and so it came about that the Type 2 spirit remains very much alive and valued among festival goers, middle-class enthusiasts and collectors alike. actually honors the real hippie founding spirit. the vehicle symboliszs the philosophy in one handy package, and that’s that.

The model includes 3.5kgs of Himalayan Salt and comes complete with electrical lead and bulb.

Plug in and when warm the Himalayan Salt cleans the air of technology and helps you breath.

The perfect night light.

The glow that comes from the Himalayan Salt creates melatonin in the pineal gland. Calming and comforting.

These are limited editions and only 11 are available.

£50 including delivery

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