1kg Himalayan Salt Chunks

1kg Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan Crystal Salt isn't your average salt its good for your health too!
Naturally rich in 84 nourishing & skin-replenishing minerals, the same 84 minerals & elements found in the human body.

You can use Himalayan Crystal Salt as a table & cooking salt. You can have a luxurious toxin-sucking soak & can even be made into an internal tonic (Sole) which detoxes you, cleanses you from the inside out & make your body work naturally, the way it’s supposed to.

Himalayan crystal salt is far superior to traditional iodized salt & is naturally pure and has been maturing over the past 250 million years under intense tectonic pressure, creating an environment of zero exposure to toxins untouched by many of the pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt.

The Health Benefits by using Himalayan Salt in various ways:
Food absorption:
Cell Cleansing
Blood Pressure
Heart Health
pH Balance
Blood Sugar
Improved sleep
Cellulite and Weight Loss
Muscle Cramps/Tension
Bone Health
Sexual Health
Eczema and Psoriasis
Oral Health

Our Himalayan Salt is Gourmet Food grade quality, you can use all forms Fine, Granulated, Coarse & Chunks.